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Ask yourself these questions: If you have sex quickly and he doesn't call again, will you feel guilty? However, you are in charge of what YOU think about yourself.If you are good at separating romance and sex and can roll with whatever the outcome is from your night together, then you are free to do as you like.Please do not make other plans immediately following the date.He will notice if you are constantly looking at your watch, and he will be unimpressed.There's nothing wrong with sleeping with someone at any point in the relationship; that's not the issue.The issue is that many women naturally bond and become attached after sex.Premature attached leads to heartbreak Unfortunately, many women find themselves prematurely attached to men who might not have the best of intentions.When you are intimate quickly, you can't know for sure if he is the right guy, no matter how he might seem.

Men admire, trust and respect women with good manners.This includes not chasing him by calling or emailing him excessively.Remember, however, that for you to be a lady, he must be a gentleman.The majority of men have the ability to separate love and sex in their minds.If you sleep with a guy who appeared to be into you, but just wanted to get his rocks off, the harsh disappointment of never hearing from him again can be heartbreaking.

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They might date you for a while, but won't consider you for a long-term, serious relationship.

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