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“Now it’s ‘Lean In.’ ”Adams, for his part, is in the thick of a stage adaptation of the movie .“Try writing a love song without the word ‘love’ in it,” Adams said.

The minute either of them says ‘love,’ it’s over.”“I couldn’t do it,” Foster said.

He's somebody that I like a lot and who I enjoy being with. I don't think you can say things started to go wrong so much as you can say that marriage is always difficult.

I thought the world of David; I thought he was terrific and a great guy. But they say some people are predestined to be alcoholic.

Despite this, she's still considered as one of the veterans in the acting field, she's none other than the famous actress Crystal Lynn Bernard who is best known for her decade-long role in hit comedy series, .

Bernard was a longtime girlfriend of actor and producer, Tony Thomas, but she never got married.

But, as time went on, I discovered, as he did eventually, that he had a problem with alcohol. It's something that happens genetically if one of your parents is an alcoholic or it runs in the family, the chances of you becoming an alcoholic are very high.

Also, people hit the bottle; through a feeling of low self-esteem. Yes, it got very bad about two-and-a-half-years ago, and at that point I made it clear to him that I could no longer tolerate it, that it was a real problem for me and that I felt that it was a problem for the whole family.

The 55-year-old actress, who rose to fame after starring in the American sitcom, Now, she's no longer part of the film industry and she's spending her life away from the media, maintaining a very low profile.

It's hard to say that she's still single as she's one of the gorgeous actresses, American film industry has ever known.

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Bernard also studied acting at Alley Theatre while growing up in Houston, Texas.