Philip morris dating codes

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Philip morris dating codes

Rather, the i QOS ecig heats the tobacco just prior to the point of combustion, producing tobacco-flavored vapor.

It is a unique e-cigarette that fits easily into our best e-cig of 2017 list.

It has a compact, rich design that is easy to carry around and fun to use.

It comes with HEETs or Heat Sticks which are special tobacco inserts that simulate a cigarette.

Because of its lightweight and attractive design, its great for taking on the go.

This does make the i QOS closely simulate smoking a cigarette.

The battery is on the smaller side which is perfect for short vaping sessions but not so much for those who prefer to chain vape.

For those that must know exact dimensions, the i QOS weighs 19.6 grams and measures 93.3 x 14.7 x 13.9 mm.

These miniature cigarettes or Heat Sticks are inserted into the heating device and vaped.

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The health advantage is tobacco burns at 600°C, whereas the IQOS heats the tobacco at 350°C.

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