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estan aquellas yslas de treynta y ciuco grados a quarenta no se puede entender la longitud del japon d ellas por aver corrido con tormentas y el tiempo muy cerrado y oscuro. Letter of Fray Andres de Aguirre to the Most Illustrious Lord Archbishop of Mexico, bringing to his notice the usefulness of exploring the northwest coast of New Spain and giving information of some rich islands, inhabited by civilized people, where a Portu- guese ship touched, and which are in from 35 to 40 degrees of north latitude.Corrieron de japon d levante y echo su rrescate volvieron d Malaca pusieron por nombre d estas yslas por respeto del mercader armenio que entre la gente de la nao era muy respetado, yslas de harmenio. Most Illustrious Lord : May the Holy Spirit ever dwell in the soul of your most illustrious lordship.Lor"n.70 Ferrer de Maldonado claimed that, in 1588, he entered the strait on the coast of Labrador and emerged at tlie Pacific end in latitude sixty.Juan de Knca asserted that, in 159L', he entered the strait from the Pacific in latitude forty-seven, and that he sailed through it to the Atlantic, liut this elusive strait was pushed farther and farther to the northward until at length it has become Bering's strait and the north- west passage. In his youth and early manhood Andres do Crdanefa had been a soldier, and was famous as a navigator and cosmographer, and he had sailed in this capacity in one of the ships which, under the command of Garcia de Loaisa, had visited the Philippines and other islands of the South Sea.

Adolph Sutro, it being understood that this authorization is given subject to the ordinances and other rules governing that bureau. Manuel de Egu^i^ior Under •'jecretary (r«^r/fa of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.) ' not in this countr}'. Sutro caused a search for documents relating to the historj' of California to be made in that great magazine of Spanish-American history, the India archives of Seville, and his agents succeeded in unearth- ing these buried treasures. Sutro to this society for examination and were found to be of such value that the generosity of the lender was taxed still further by a request that their publication by the Society shotild be sanctioned by him, a request which was granted at once. Sutro has aided otherwise and very materiallj' in their publication. Bancroft, of San Francisco, contains a general summary of a very great part of the printed matter relating to the history of California, but it is evident that, at least so far as the early history of the Californian coast is concerned, only a very limited number of original manuscripts, and these easily accessible to the public, were examined. y demds dis- posiciones porque se rige esa depeudencia. Translations are appended for the use of the general reader; and, although at times the meaning of the original is much obscured by the singularly involved and otherwise ungrammatical style of the writer, it is believed that in the trans- lation, in every instance, the statements of the writer have been presented with accuracy. en aquel parage y en el que ay de las yslas de Japon hasta lo ultimo descu- bierto de nuestra costa segun el Padre Fray Andres de Urdaneta tuvo relacion de un capitan portugues ay yslas muy ricas muy pobladas de gente de mucha policia, la qual rrelacion yo bi y ley y yendo el y yo a Espafia d dar quenta d su magestad del subceso de la primera Jornada que por su mandado hizimos en la qual se descubrieon y poblaron las yslas Philipinas y se descubrio la navegacion y buelta de ellas d esta nueva espafia, el dicho padre 8 Historical Society of Southern Calif jrnia. g.) ha tenido A bien disponer que se conceda autorizacion d M- Adolph Sutro para que examine y tome nota de los documentos que se custodian en ese Archivo ; enten- diendose esta autorizacion sujeta d las ordenanza? It has been thought proper to print the Spanish verbatim et literatim, the capitalization and punctuation also being carefully adhered to, for in this way the documents can not but be of more value to the scholar. A it to verify nally care- iocuments om photo- whicli the illy, made if the King ieal of the hese three wrote at I letters of fac-simile given as a I other six- erbatim ef y carefully )e of more : use of the he original otherwise the trans- have been its relating dates, the g avoided. aunque las naos que vienen de poniente cada aiio al puerto de acapulco rreconoscen aquella costa y a vista de ella navegan mas de quini- entas leguas, no se save hasta agora que puertos 6 reparos tiene ymporta mucho saverse para que las naos que vienen necesitadas de rreparar por haver navegado hasta aquella costa de dos mill leguas sin hazer escala en tierra alguna puedan rreparar y proveer sus nee .. no es de menor ymportancia proseguirse el descubrimiento de aquella costa de los cuarenta y un grados de latitud adelante para entender los secretes della, porque tiene por cierto que es continente con la costa de la china sino las divide un angosto estrecho que Hainan de anian que segun se tiene noticia, esta es lo ultimo descubierto de la costa de la china en cinquenta y d^s grados de latitud. Bancroft's writers were equally care- less will appear more fully in foot-notes appended to the documents now published. A perusal of these Spanish historians will enablethestudent to verify this latter assertion ; that Mr.

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The authenticity of the other six- teen documents is unquestionable also. el descubrimiento que vuestra sefioria nianda liacer assi para entender la disposicion de la costa, puertos y calidades de la tierra y gente della, que hasta agora esta descub- ierta al poniente de esta Nueva Espafia en la mar del sur, como para proseguir el descubrimiento de aquella costa y tierra desde cuarenta y un grado de latitud adelante es de mucha ymportancia y muy necesario assi para la buelta de las naos de las yslas filipi- nas y de todas las partes del poniente como para entender y saver la disposicion y calidad de la tierra y gente de ella y yslas que se entiende ay de mucha ymportancia cercana a aquella costa.

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