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Most people who vist our site come into the free original text chat rooms through the main lobby, however we do have some options for people who want to enter directly into one of the niche sex chat rooms such as these: ( the “female version”, shows pics of nude men ) sex chat rooms, and we offer several options for that as well.Our new voice chat / cams chat rooms are in private testing to members, or visitors who register (free) profile here.This is one of the more expensive options, but these are some of the hottest girls in Bangkok.A gogo is like a strip club, with poles, naked or near-naked dancing, lap dances, lady drinks, etc.It could be game changer for the Bangkok red light scene if the app (when it comes out) really takes off – no barfines, the ability to search 100s of girls, make instant bookings, and GPS track them just like booking an Uber.Try a Thai massage (no oil, stretches your body out), oil massage, naked body to body massage, or this nuru massage, and many more types.

If you’re on holiday with a bit more cash to burn and short on time you can hire an escort girl.

A relatively new option for free video sex chat rooms includes our chaturbation section.

If you’re a single guy in Bangkok and want to have a good time with some Thai girls, here are 9 easy ways you can bust a nut and where to find them.

You pick a girl, go up to a private room and get your knob sucked dry in a private room. For a tip they may take their top off and let you play with their tits. Go down Sukhumvit Soi 6, hang a left at the end and you’ll see Kasalong blowjob bar.

A few metres around the corner to the left is Lolitas, another blowjob bar. Girls working in BJ bars don’t tend to be very pretty but they have some legit skills. This is also a cheap and easy option, just walk up to a freelance prostitute on the street, say hi and off you go to your hotel.

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