Picherfuk korea

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Picherfuk korea

Chick & Béla discuss their new double-album An unclassifiable duet In an unlikely pairing of piano and banjo in 2006, Chick Corea and Béla Fleck joined together to explore the unexplored.

Their proposed project, pairing one of jazz’s most prominent instruments with one relegated to “miscellaneous” in critics’ polls, was uncharted territory.

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As a big, cuddly boyfriend-bear with a swagger attitude, KRUNK soared to K-Pop starlight.

And there’s no way better to see Korea than through the eyes of photographers.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably known, seen or heard about YG’s swag-tastic mascot KRUNK. Birthed by the YG design team in Seoul, South Korea, KRUNK is one of the most popular characters in our culture – both in K-Pop and out.

So we went to the aquarium which was pretty sweet but I ended up wondering by myself and lost the group I ended up taking a nap in some chair with this really wired music is was trippy dark room strage music, fishes.

We stayed at this amazing hostel called the actors and tourist guesthouse.

See this post for 80 amazing pictures of Korea by some really talented photographers.

After you see all the pictures, let us know which photographer you liked the most!

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