Playstation 2 dating sim

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Playstation 2 dating sim

We're really looking forward to seeing what this emulator is capable of.The arrival of PS2 emulation on the Play Station 4 is a big deal - we reached out to Sony and await comment, but it is a little odd that a lovely piece of technology that's bound to excite a lot of interest has slipped out without any kind of fanfare.UPDATE 21/11/15 am: Just how much faster is the PS2 emulator compared to original hardware?We've just posted this extensive analysis using the three games we have available.It looks like some kind of post-process effect is in place mimicking anti-aliasing - edges are surprisingly smooth, and there's little in the way of shimmer.

The titular Jedi Starfighter looks much more refined running under emulation.The company originally informed developers of the existence of the emulator at the same time it briefed them on the planned rollout for the Play Station Now cloud service, way back in January 2014.Since then, the only hints at its existence came in the form of some telling PEGI game ratings, along with some sightings of PS2 classics appearing in shared media lists during the PS4 firmware 3.0 beta phase.Moving on, the outstanding question is one of performance.We've got some substantial improvements to image quality, but do the games run as they should - or dare we hope, better? In truth it's been a while since we analysed PS2 titles, and getting a clean 480p feed isn't easy - even with backward compatible PS3s in the house. The emulator is clearly running these games more smoothly, with Jedi Starfighter hitting 60fps while the game running on PS2 hardware has nothing like that level of output.

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What you can't see is that this segment also runs at 60fps on the emulator, while the PS2 drops down to 30fps here. We've not run the numbers yet, but just looking at Racer Revenge side-by-side sees another substantial increase to game fluidity.