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Eleven sites were nominated in 1999, two of which were re-nominated as part of the Euphrates Valley Landscape in 2011.

This report will cover: Dura Europos, Ebla, Hama’s Waterwheels, Mari, Raqqa, and Ugarit.

There is a wide variety of religious structures at the site, including the Greek Zeus Kyrios temple, the shrine of Sumerian goddess Nanaia, the shrine of Syrian goddess Atargatis, and the temple of the Palmyran god Bel.

It is important to note, however, that this classification does not imply that these features are free of damage.

Given the extent of the destruction present at Dura-Europos, it is likely these zones have also been extensively damaged, but in ways that are not visible in satellite imagery, due to factors such as shadowing from foundation walls.

The ancient site of Ugarit, also known as Ras Shamra, is one of the most famous sites in Syria.

It lies on the coast, approximately 10km north of Lattakia, and has been called the first large international port in the world.

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The Archaeological Site of Ugarit Conclusion Acknowledgements References Cited Executive Summary Following an earlier report on the World Heritage Sites of Syria, the Geospatial Technologies and Human Rights Project of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) undertook an assessment of Syria’s Tentative World Heritage sites using high-resolution satellite imagery.