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Disabling the Update Service Using a Metered Connection Using Group Policy Editor Disabling Automatic Windows Store App Updates Community Q&A This wiki How teaches you how to prevent your Windows 10 computer from updating itself.

Unfortunately, there is no way to permanently disable automatic updates, but you can delay them indefinitely by using the Services program or by setting your Wi-Fi as a metered connection.

While my other laptops did not face any issues, my Dell XPS laptop was stuck at this screen for over 2 hours!

But there have been reports that it even takes 7 hours!

There are no error messages and no blue screen of death, it just shuts down.You can also disable automatic updates for the apps and drivers on your computer if you like.Since I installed a new motherboard and processor, my PC has been shutting down unexpectedly.I've been monitoring the temperatures of my processor and case and they seem normal, so the problem doesn't seem to be temperature-related. The most common cause of this problem is an inadequate or faulty power supply.If you monitor the clock speed of your processor with a utility like CPUID's CPU-Z, you may find that the computer shuts down once the CPU reaches a certain speed.

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You can estimate this value from the processor speeds you managed to achieve while running CPU-Z earlier.

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