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The Śródka Hotel*** is a comfortable hotel located in one of the oldest districts of Poznań - Śródka - amongst all of these places dating back to the beginnings of the Polish State and numerous pearl of the domestic architecture.This unique and eye-catching nature of the interiors combines the boutique care for details with the intimacy of modern solutions, so suiting the needs of the business tourism.

The fruits of labor expresses itself with beautiful objects that can be viewed as the mortar holding the bricks of Polish customs on a solid foundation. Launching her candle lit wianka at dusk in hopes it will find its way to the man of her dreams.In another game, a scarf, a ribbon, and a rosary are placed separately under three plates.A girl, her eyes blindfolded, turns around three times while other girls rearrange the plates.Here are a few ways that fortunes are told: The most popular way is by melting wax and pouring it into a bowl of cold water.Wax is then picked up from the water, raised to the light, and the girls try to see the similarities of it to real objects.

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