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Pre dating com

After being intoxicated, these captives would then be killed in the most brutal ways.Pioneer missionary Martin de Rada reported one case in Butuan wherein the slave was bound to a cross before being tortured by bamboo spikes, hit with a spear, and finally thrown into the river.

The said ceremony was known as ), the go-to priestess-cum-doctor during that time. Remember, babies’ skulls are the most pliable, so this continuous pressure often resulted into elongated heads.Also Read: Some of these deformed skulls were recovered from various burial grounds in the Visayan region.It didn’t matter to the treasure hunters that these gold ornaments were originally part of our ancestors’ was a little bit larger than those worn by present-day inhabitants of Zambales, Cordillera, and the Cagayan Valley.They usually had natural colors, but warriors who personally killed an enemy could wear red “A red ‘pudong’ was called ‘magalong’, and was the insignia of braves who had killed an enemy.

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The most prestigious kind of ‘pudong,’ limited to the most valiant, was, like their G-strings, made of ‘pinayusan,’ a gauze-thin abaca of fibers selected for their whiteness, tie-dyed a deep scarlet in patterns as fine as embroidery, and burnished to a silky sheen.

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