Propane tank dating

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Propane tank dating

Exchange services also take in old tanks and recycle them by changing out old valve for new OPD valve and inspecting tanks.

You as consumer basically have to know the approximate weight of a full versus a empty tank to avoid getting ripped off...

IF you are confused by all this go to local BULK PROPANE DEALER and ask questions and expect professional answers.

While at the other gas station today (or rather yesterday - I just looked at the time), I asked questions about a mark on the tank "handle" that I wondered about and why it was put there.

He tells me "not to worry" as long as I use him, I have no problem.

My thing is, I had a new owned tank, and now have used tanks as replacements. If you have a problem with your tank, new or swapped out one, just bring it back to the filling station. I have had problems with a brand new and a used tank.

We swap oxygen tanks all the time and never give it any thought! What you should be concerned with is what's inside tank.

Whole concept is take EMPTY tank to fuel facility come back with FULL tank.

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(I leave school in the dark and get the tank filled on the way home so I didn't notice the mark or question it at the other place 'cause it was dark.) Apparently when they refurbish a tank, they stamp a new "best before date" and put a swipe of colour over the date to make it stand out.

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