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All 5 crew members of the Lonsdale lifeboat were awarded prestigious Sea Gallantry Medals for their rescue efforts. Explosions continued, occurring with each roll of the ship. Lonsdale later landed the survivors at Talcahuano (coast of Central Chile). In 1908/09, per Lloyd's Register, the vessel was owned by 'Acties. Metcalf), is stated in the Mercantile Navy Lists of 1880 & 1890 to have been built at Ayre's Quay. The rest of the crew, nine in all, were rescued by a junk the next day, taken to Hainan Island & then on to Hoihow (Haikou), also Hainan Island, where they arrived on Apl. The gravestone inscription, which can be seen here, is quite difficult to read. A number of sites refer to 'lanemetres' with a value of 290. 290 metres of lane length would surely not seem to be sufficient for 170 cars. Built for Charles Hill & Sons, of Bristol (Bristol City Line) & intended for their Bristol to New York service. The christening ceremony was performed by Miss Hill, daughter of the senior owner. The vessel could not be controlled & she crashed heavily into Lone Star, which was modestly damaged. Bristol City Line abandoned the vessel, which was salvaged & presumably repaired, for later in 1887, it became owned by New York & Yucatan Steamship Company, of New York, & renamed Progreso. Corrections in any of the material which follows, however tiny, would be most welcome. I add the name to the site as a result of learning that a vessel named Naworth Castle, a barque of 349 tons, was built by 'Metcalf' in 1868. Ella, a barque built in 1869 by Metcalf (believed to be T. While I have not read the detailed circumstances, she 'struck heavily on the Paracels, the sea making a clean breech over her stern and sweeping away the Captain and a boy, who were drowned'. Located 'probably no more that two hundred yards from thesite of the gates to Pickersgill's shipyard'. The engines were changed from Cummins to Alpha or MAN (can anyone provide the detail in English), & its service speed became 18 knots. A giant ice flow unexpectedly appeared & hit the vessel causing her to drag her anchor. to Beynon), 2 (Beynon, p.184/7, 90% down), 3 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). I have read that the yard built sailing vessels, steam coasters & colliers. The webmaster has a few editions of Lloyd's Registers available thru 1890/91 - see left. It became quite beyond the ability of the pumps to control the water levels & of the crew to correct her list. The entire Akaroa crew, in 2 lifeboats, safely reached the coast of France after 36 hours, so no loss of life accordingly. Lloyd's Register data, perhaps, to confirm the registered ownerships. Per 1 (1882 launch, Cornucopia), 2 ('', Cornucopia), 3 (Wreck Inquiry, Cornucopia), 4 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). long, two masted, schooner-rigged, signal letters WPMH. Potts, wife of Captain Potts, presumably of Turnbull, Potts & Co. Unsuccessful efforts were made to re-trim the cargo which had shifted in the holds.

I am grateful for the information provided by e Bay vendor scott-base. And rather later, in the late 1950s, the company was known as 'Geo. 95.81 metres long, speed of 12 1/2 (or 14) knots, signal letters OZCF later SYOZ & PMSI. Ltd.', of Nevin, (now Nefyn perhaps), North Wales, with W. I read that the vessel was sold to Robert Thomas of Criccieth, Cardigan Bay, Wales. To search for specific text on this page, just press 'CTRL F' & then enter your search term. Any help you might provide re this shipbuilder would be much appreciated. We do know that on May 23, 1874, the vessel arrived via Hobart at Hobson's Bay, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, with a cargo of sugar ex Mauritius, & with Mrs. 1, 1884, at age 45, at Double Island, Swatow, China, a year after his wife had died there) was likely the vessel's sole captain, but that clearly is not so. 13, 1877, the vessel left Swatow for Falmouth under the command of Captain Wepnor, with 11 aboard all told. 15/16, 1877, Naworth Castle was wrecked on a reef at or near the Paracels, a group of islands in the South China Sea, 180 miles SE of Hainan Island, China. ), that George Mills is buried in the churchyard of Holy Trinity Church, Southwick. It would seem clear, however, via Lloyd's Registers, that Oswald was the builder, rather it was built at Pallion by a builder named J. It may have been moored at Lord Ambrosio Canale, Zrate Park. No change in auto capacity - 170 cars before & after the rebuild. 56 in the North River at New York, (Hudson River) with a cargo principally of tin plates & sheet iron. There was an Edwin Graham building in 1873 but unsure that he was connected with the later company.' That page names 4 specific vessels built by the yard in 1892, not already listed below (Gerto, Miramar, Hindustan & Aureola) and lists the yard shipbuilding tonnage in the years of 1883 through 1892. Miramar lists - 8 pages, (highest hull number on page). Per 1 (data), 2 (page bottom, Wye), 3 (a modest image at Ascension Island, in the period 1905/1908), 4 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). Morison, Naisby/Naizby, North Eastern Marine Engineering, North East Shipbuilders, North of England Shipbuilding, Osbourne, Graham, page bottom (unusual vessel names). Magnus's son, also named Magnus, was born at sea on his father's ship in 1873. 11, 1874, the vessel left Melbourne for Sydney, New South Wales, & on Jul. It seemed initially that Magnus Linklater (who died on Apl. Derek Holcroft has kindly advised, however, (thanks! Any help you might provide re this Pallion shipbuilder would be much appreciated. I have listed Forfarshire, built in 1867, as being built by Oswald. In 1910 or 1911, the vessel, described as a 'pontoon powder-keg', caught fire & sank when loaded with 60 tons of gunpowder. Maybe this is, however, what finally happened to Forfarshire. That said, I have seen & thank this site (75% down), which records Wm. The passenger capacity was increased, it would seem, from 303 to 1,000. 22, 1885, the vessel ran the measured mile at 11 1/2 knots. 10, 1887, with Captain Weiss in command, the vessel was anchored off old Pier No. Have not read the circumstances anywhere, indeed WWW data about the vessel is essentially non-existent. They were the last firm left building ships at Hylton and survived until 1925. The webmaster has a few editions of Lloyd's Registers available ex Google books & '', thru 1876/77 - see left. The 1877/78 edition of Lloyd's Register is not available to the webmaster. I guess different people of similar if not identical name? 1994, to Melalohari Hellenic Tugboats, of Piraeus, Greece, & later that year to 'Aghios Spyridon Shipping Co. But that data clearly is incorrect, thanks to Richard Lewis. 3, 1906, the vessel was sold to Adrienne Merville, of Dunkirk, France, to be broken up (1906 data from an expired e Bay item, which data seems to make sense in view of Richard's 1905 data). the modest image at 3 is from an album by Captain R. Morgan, who was, I am advised, the Royal Marine Commandant of Ascension Island in 1905-1908. The vessel was built for 'English & Scandinavian Steamship Co.', of Newcastle. The webmaster has a few editions of 'Lloyd's Register' available to him ex Google books & '', - see left. Certainly, in the 1894/95 edition of Lloyd's Register, 'J. 'Linklater' was her first captain & proposed voyages from Sunderland to Ceylon & to China are indicated. (John) Morison, in 1870 of Fenchurch Street, London. But, if I understand 2 correctly, it never served under the Danish flag & was used for spare parts. The vessel was sold twice, in 1994, it would seem - firstly, in Jun. 20, 1879, the vessel was commissioned again (status changed perhaps? Served in the Mediterranean in 1886 (Brindisi, Suda Bay (Crete), Malta). coast of Africa; & states that the Navy disposed of the ship in 1904. The webmaster has a few editions of 'Lloyd's Register' available to him ex Google books (see left). 'Where Ships Are Born' refers to the fame of her shipbuilder being established by the sailing qualities of this vessel & also of Woollahra, Gwrtheyrn Castle, Celestial Empire & others. I read that in 1891 the vessel was sold to Richardson Brothers, of Swansea, Wales.

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In 1907, the vessel is said to have been owned by 'Woollahra Ship Company', of Sydney. 1907, the vessel was at Wellington, New Zealand ('NZ'), delivering a cargo of coal ex Newcastle. 14, 1907, while en route, in ballast, from Wellington, to Kaipara (NW of N. Orders were given to get the lifeboat out, but the forward davit gave away & the lifeboat disappeared, (or alternatively, at a.m. 15, 1907, the mizzen mast carried away, resulting in the destruction of the lifeboat). (or maybe at a.m.), with seas breaking over the heavily listing vessel, most of the crew took to a dinghy, which then was destroyed 60/70 yards off shore. (However 'Mystic Seaport's 'Record of American and Foreign Shipping' lists the vessel as being owned by Rees until 1900 in which year R. but particularly sank 46 ships between the Tweed & the Tees with the loss of 200 lives. The vessel heeled over & all aboard were thrown into the raging sea.