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Pyramid carbon dating

Bosnian pyramid (shutterstock) carbon dating shows the bosnian pyramid is 25,000 years old two italian archaeologists, dr ricarrdo brett and niccolo bisconti, found a piece of organic material on the pyramid last year they were able to carbon-date the material, and with it, the pyramid itself.Carbon-14 dating the giza pyramids that when the caliph ma’amoun entered the great pyramid for the first but carbon 14 dating revealed that the.Collection of related videos - bosnian pyramids ntd news clip discusses recent carbon dating of a piece of organic material bosnian pyramid ultra/infra sonic.

There are also many questions concerning the methods by which they were placed in position.

Now, researchers in Germany have added 1,500 years to that, placing its origin at the beginning of the Holocene era.

The German team from the Lower Saxony State Office for Cultural Heritage began work to precisely date the statue last year, using a technique called accelerated mass spectrometry.

It had been broken into pieces, but the anti-bacterial quality of peat had preserved the coding—etched long ago with small stones—that covered its exterior.

The symbols formed a complex series of wavy, straight and zig-zagged lines.

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The testing was done using samples taken in the ’90s and determined when the wood, taken from a larch tree, had grown.“This is an extremely important data for the international scientific community.

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