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Quotes for dating my daughter

– Emuna Please check out Emuna’s new book A Diamond for Your Daughter – A Parent’s Guide to Navigating Shidduchim Effectively, available through Judaica Press Emuna Braverman has a law degree from the University of Toronto and a Masters in in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. I am guessing that no matter how loving this lady is towards her daughter in law, it will not improve the situation. Yes you should encourage the mother to try to get along with herdaughter in law is good advice.

Many people make the opposite mistake and serve the community at the expense of their spouse and children.

Although not all of it was pleasant (to say the least! He recently got married and the relationship has changed dramatically – and not only in the ways it should.

My daughter-in-law is very unfriendly and doesn’t show any inclination to spend time with us. I tried to hint to my son but he got angry and took her side. – Lonely Abandoned Mom Dear Lonely Mom, You can play this two ways; it’s totally up to you.

The Talmud teaches us that “A man doesn’t die except to his wife.” Our primary relationship in this life is with our spouse.

Even amidst the overwhelming demands of childraising, our main focus should still be our marriage.

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You can look at it like you lost a son or you can look at it like you gained a daughter. If you practice the former (as you seem to be), you will probably end up losing your son; it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.