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Race and dating statistics

Had users become more open-minded in their dating practices in the past half-decade?The data suggested a different narrative: Their biases had become even more pronounced. My dalliance with Tinder lasted for four weeks before I boarded up the account and returned to the world of low-tech, meat-and-potatoes courtship.

Most Asian guys (speaking of East Asians, I am guessing. Black women tend to be not only fatter on average, but also more muscular.

Conclusion: Asian women are stereotyped as more feminine, and this is primarily due to physical stature and appearance.

Well women can never be too feminine for men, but a man can be too feminine.

Sure, we’d all like to think we’re open to dating anyone as long as they’re a good person, but studies from OK Cupid and Facebook tell a much different story about how people actually behave.

A 2013 study that included 2.4 million heterosexual interactions on the Facebook dating app “Are You Interested” found that most men are willing to date someone out of their race, but overall Asian women were generally preferred.

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