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Rainie yang dating joseph chang

Mark’s father is a legendary Taiwanese actor, and he grew up in Canada and is fluent in English.

I like Mark, despite being peeved that he got the Best Actor award over Zai Zai, because he’s the rare young TW-actor who has masculine gravitas and explosive screen presence.

Jerry Yan Jerry, Jerry, Jerry – it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to consider him the godfather of Taiwanese idol actors.

Got his big break a decade ago in (along with Zai Zai, Ken Zhu, and Vanness Wu).

Alien Huang's romance with Taiwanese cutie pie singer Rainie Yang had been over a decade ago. "I'm not the type that can juggle (between my career and love life).

But up to today, their names are still linked together. Even now I'm prone to forgetting lyrics, I can't imagine how bad I would be if I'm in love! Rather, their relationship has morphed into something else, with Huang describing his famous ex-girlfriend as "a sister" to him.

I first got to know Show from his singing and entertainment show hosting duties, and I have a hard time taking him seriously as an actor.

I like him as an entertainer much better than I like him as an actor.

He’s a daring actor that isn’t afraid to act out any scene.He’s a versatile performer who has a great personality and a lot of drive.Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) Vic is known throughout the industry by his nickname of Zai Zai, so much so that news reports just run with headers of “Zai Zai is doing X…” He’s the TW-actor that I’ve had the greatest change of heart about – from meh in Meteor Garden to OMG-I-Love-Him in Black & White.I’m very neutral on Jerry, he neither rubs me the wrong way or makes me completely absorbed by any of his performances.I think he’s just not my type (his face is too angular for me, but I concede he’s pretty handsome), but as an actor he is a solid leading man with more range than I think he’s shown thus far. Show Luo I think most people know Show from his popular with Barbie Hsu.

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