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Upon uploading, the user was supplied with a unique download URL which enabled anyone with whom the uploader shared the URL to download the file.No user was allowed to search Rapid Share's servers for content.The rest, save one, had their contracts terminated.As of mid-March, Rapid Share was reported as operating with only one employee, a support person who answered the telephone and managed customers and accounts. On 13 March 2014, Rapid Share announced price increases for its paid services of about 150%.In 2009, it was among the Internet's 20 most visited websites and claimed to have 10 petabytes of files uploaded by users with the ability to handle up to three million users simultaneously.Following the takedown of similar service Megaupload in 2012, Rapid Share changed its business model to deter the use of its services for distribution of files to large numbers of anonymous users and to focus on personal subscription-only cloud-based file storage.The intarsia, plating or inlay technique can now be produced in one fabric without conversion. there’s a party every night and everything is included!!

Programmable speed with flexible speed adjustment using starting bar.The length of the wait varied over the years, from 15 minutes to over 2.5 hours.Rapid Share offered two computer programs to simplify file managing: This software allowed queuing of uploads. It was available for Windows and ran without installation.Variable stroke with Power-RCR system (Rapid Carriage Return).Especially useful at short strokes for narrow garments, binding off and narrowing.

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Free users would continue to be able to use Rapid Share, but their download speeds and capacity were sharply curtailed.