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Lemon Year: 2017 Director: Janicza Bravo Lemon is a blistering, 80-minute indictment of and elegy for white man-child protagonists. You’ve seen myriad versions of it staged over, say, the last two decades of pop culture or so, from The 40-Year-Old Virgin to Knocked Up to the majority of Adam Sandler’s oeuvre.

But you haven’t seen this movie as staged by Janicza Bravo, an outsider to the self-validating dynamics of the fraternity of white male screw-ups.

The relish with which Elliott (a veteran who has mostly been typecast as cowboys and authority figures throughout his career) tackled this rare dreamboat role was sparklingly palpable throughout, and his performance exuded seemingly effortless charisma and gravitas in equal measure.

It was enough to make us all wonder why it had taken so long for anyone, in Hollywoodor outside of it, to see his potential in movie romances.

Delpy works through a profusion of emotions in the film—sexy, witty, bitter, jealous and sometimes disturbing. As a writer, Delpy proves that her shared Oscar nomination with Richard Linklater 98.

After vacationing in Venice, the New York couple stops into Paris to visit Marion’s parents for two days.

At first, Jack’s neuroses, ranging from hypochondria to paranoia, threaten to overwhelm the relationship.

Lemon is a tragicomic ballad of chagrin and stunted masculinity, and yes, it is at times a literal shitshow, a comedy of bodily functions to complement its endless parade of embarrassments.

But the sight of Bravo’s co-writer and leading man Brett Gelman fishing a cell phone out of a used toilet doesn’t at all undermine the sophistication and style of her filmmaking. 2 Days In Paris Year: 2007 Director: Julie Delpy If Woody Allen’s neurotic Alvy and Keaton’s Annie Hall had borne children, it’s a good bet they would have turned out like Marion (Julie Delpy) and Jack (Adam Goldberg) in 2 Days in Paris, a quirky and amusing film directed and written by Delpy.

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Berberian Sound Studio Year: 2012 Director: Peter Strickland Playing with reality and fantasy, the literal and the subconscious, Berberian Sound Studio will understandably be compared to the work of David Lynch.

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