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Real still dating cornfed

So looking at the movie that way, when I'd look at a scene, it was interesting to say, oh well, this scene doesn't have to be that funny.

It's really about something else, and I'm used to, the last few movies that I've directed have been pretty broad comedies, so to have a different criteria was really interesting." The film is also significantly different from both the 1947 movie of the same name, starring Danny Kaye, and the James Thurber short story upon which both were based.

"How do you pull off a movie about a daydreamer, especially now, when we're all just daydreaming?

I mean, we f---ing pay 0 to carry daydreams around," Oswalt told .

Cast member Patton Oswalt said the concept of creating a 21st century Mitty was what attracted him to the project.Stiller's producing partner Stuart Cornfeld told that on films in which Stiller's also acting and directing, there's more prep work ahead of time so he can focus on acting while he's on set."There's more preparation because it's very important to him that when he's acting, he can spend as much energy on acting as possible, which means that during the prep of the movie, a lot of the questions that you would normally figure out on the day, he wants to work out," Cornfeld explained.NYFF REVIEW: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Stiller said that while he approaches every film the same way, this one had a different tone than his broad comedies like ."I think every movie's different, but I kind of approach them all the same way.

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"He wore 50 hats, and I still don't know how he did it.

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