Romantic dating places in singapore

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Romantic dating places in singapore

The place has astounding natural beauty with rubber plantations stretching over acres of land.There is also fantastic freshwater wildlife to be witnessed along the way.The inflatable slide is the tallest in Southeast Asia, so this one’s definitely for Instagram/Facebook.

It is seen that lover’s usually seek secluded places to meet so that they can indulge in a little peaceful ambiance.

Now, the place has been restored in to a city park with exotic greenery, spice gardens and many (like really many) nice secluded spots.

My tip would be to come when its dark, paths are illuminated and its a perfect get a way in the middle of the buzzing city. This is a cable car ride suspended between Mount Faber and Sentosa Island.

If feeling a little hungry, there is the famous Jewel Box.

This is shaped in the form of a musical Jewel Box and has exquisite restaurants offering international and local cuisine.

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Both of you might have visited the theme park as children, but here’s the chance to relive the eccentricity. The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

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