Rules for dating a dj

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I felt that it was so far-fetched."So I keep thinking that this next season is pushed even further and there's no way.

When he came back to play Steve, it was so new for him because he hadn't acted in so many years, and he's just an adorable person in real life.[He also knew] basically don't act like Tom [Sandoval] and don't be an ass, and then I'm going to like him. He just did his homework and he knew exactly what he was doing.And he played me right until the point that he got through one whole season, became a primary and then dropped me." Since their split, James' love life has remained a hot topic at SUR. Since we're all under one roof, there are times when they take advantage of their friendship if they think D. needs to loosen up or not be so strict about something. They've never been enemies, but they annoy one another.

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After he and Kristen broke up, James had somewhat of a fling with Lala before he stepped out on her with Lauren.

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