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Russian dating community

Mariam, enamored of her Mexican beau, sees the World Cup as a wake-up call for Russia's males, whose average life expectancy is only 66½ years and whose health is often affected by smoking and heavy drinking."They had better make sure other girls aren't scooped up," she said."(Foreigners) have a completely different attitude toward women.Russian women who have dated the soccer fans have been shamed by some Russian commentators, denounced for allegedly undermining the country's morals and gene pool.The widespread, vehement criticism has shown the dominance of patriarchal and sexist views in Russia, where the concept of gender equality is a generation behind that of the West's.Yet to many Russians, her actions seem disgraceful."This is an era of sluts!

52 Russian and International human rights organizations (including the Russian LGBT Network) signed the statement about the fact that Russia jeopardize online freedoms all over the world.

They are very well-mannered and cordial."Yuri Dud, a prominent sports journalist, suggested that she has a point."Foreigners are much more attractive than us ...

they keep themselves fit, they smell nice," Dud wrote in a commentary declaring that Russian women should be able to sleep with whomever they want.

That's especially notable given that the Russian population is about 54 percent female, one of the world's biggest gender imbalances."In a country where the majority of the population are women, it's crazy that there are no equal rights and that there is such a dangerous attitude toward women," said feminist blogger Alena Popova.

Gribatskaya traces the attitudes about women to the role of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russian society and the "traditional values" that have become government policy under President Vladimir Putin.

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