Saltire dating red flags for online dating

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Saltire dating

The part of the sheet on which he was lying remained white, but the two edges were stained in his blood.

During the next battle the bloodstained sheet was used as a flag.

This legend has no historical or factual record, though many hold it to be true.

Sources note that while Denmark was never part of the Roman Empire, similar designs were used by the Empire to represent provinces, as the white cross is symbolic of Christianity.

After a fierce battle, his white surcoat was completely drenched in blood.

was on on November 28, 1443, when Skanderbeg (George Kastrioti), the national hero of Albania, raised his flag over the fortress of Krujë in defiance of the Turks who ruled the country.

The exact date or year of each country’s flag adoption may be unknown or debated because of design changes, but from our research, here are the five oldest country flags in the world.

The flag of Austria entertains three equal horizontal stripes of red, white, and red.

On November 28, 1912, the Albanian Declaration of Independence was proclaimed, and the flag was officially adopted.

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The crest is the Jersey arms and the crown (a Plantagenet crown) is a reminder that the crest has been used by Jersey since the time of Edward I.

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