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The Doctrine of Accent will be found under a separate head, im- mediately after that part of the present work which treats of Versifica- tion.

It appears that, among the Romans, the letter I exercised a double function, being sometimes purely a vowel and sometimes a consonant, answering very nearly to our y.

About 30 caves were excavated between the 1st century BCE and the 7th century CE and are of two types, caityas ("sanctuaries") and viharas ("monasteries").

Although the sculpture, particularly the rich ornamentation of the caitya pillars, is noteworthy, it is the fresco-type paintings that are the chief interest of Ajanta.

More Hindu Gods and Goddesses in our Section on Indian Epics and Stories.

D., President or the Asbnry University in the Stale of Indiana, THIS WORK IS RESPECTFULLY DEDICATED, AS A TRIBUTE OF ESTEEM FOR PROFESSIONAL TALENT, AND FOR THB DEEP INTEREST WHICH HE HAS EVER EVINCED IN THE CAUSE OF TRUE LEARNING.THE author of the present work prepared several years ago a Treatise on Latin Prosody and Metre, which met with no unfavourable reception, and proved, as he has reason to believe, a somewhat useful guide to the young prosodian.The Semivowels, which have a sound more open than that of the mutes, are likewise eight : F, L, M, N, R, S, X, Z.A short syllable is sounded rapidly, and consists of what is technically termed one time, like the a in the Eng- lish word orator, or the e in the Latin word legere ; and is thus marked, legere.A long syllable is slowly pronounced, and occupies twice the time employed in sounding a short one ; as in the a of the English word mediator, or of the Latin word sedare ; and is thus marked, sedare.

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This also explains how it is possible for many different Hindu gods and goddesses to be worshipped by members of one and the same Hindu family.