Sccm hardware inventory not updating dariusz sonnenberg dating

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Sccm hardware inventory not updating

This allows the client to upload the message to the C:\SMS_CCM\Service Data\Messaging\Endpoint Queues\MP_Sinv Endpoint directory on the Management Point. Once the Management Point has properly received the message and converted it into an XML file for processing, the XML file is then parsed and used to create a . In case if you come across with the issue where the Config Mgr 2012 SP1 is not gathering the Hardware and software Inventory, following is one incident which I faced.I used the steps from this post to do a full hardware inventory cycle on the client I confirmed that the client was listed in the log “Inventory Data Loader failed to process the file C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\auth\\Process\HJWO0QKN.MIF because it is larger than the defined maximum allowable size of 5000000.

The entire hardware inventory feature is dependent on the sms_file present in the clifiles.src\hinv folder on the Site Server.

So finally I realized it is due to IIS permission issue. Checked on the client machine, HW inventory report was send successfully.

=================== Inventory: Successfully sent report. Destination:mp: MP_Hinv Endpoint, ID: , Timeout: 80640 minutes Msg Mode: Signed, Not Encrypted Inventory Agent 7/11/2013 PM 1920 (0x0780) ================ Raising event: instance of CCM_Ccm Http_Status ; Ccm Messaging 7/11/2013 PM 4876 (0x130C) 2.

(In my case what I suspect is mistakenly someone has deleted this IUSR user account from the CCM incoming Virtual Directory.) So the HW inventory data in the server is not in sync with the delta reports which client is sending, hence the server will issue an inventory resync request to the client.

Normally resync will be done within the time cycle you configured in the agent.

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In about 10 minutes I tried the Hardware Inventory Cycle again and this time it was successfully processed in the

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