Schedule updating and project control

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Schedule updating and project control

The team are responsible for a wide range of activities spanning the project execution spectrum, ranging from: Experienced resources have handled a variety of projects ranging from setting up single office for a business to launching a business for a new client government across multiple geographies, with sometimes over 40 sites as part of the programme.

Besides, the team is very well experienced in rolling out new businesses and offices across a wide swath of geographies – all the way from Bolivia in Latin America to Philippines in South East Asia.

Any resource unit above the limit line (black line) is over allocated.

Normally, overallocated resource is shown in red bar. Finally, you will get Stacked Histogram as shown in below.

This sub-unit of the team manages the project initiation, planning and monitoring, and control phases of all new projects and is the largest and heaviest user of the MPP and the EPM tools.

Another part of this sub-unit is responsible for co-ordination of website deployment including first time content management.

You can select “By date” to see interval data (Histogram Chart) and select “Cumulative (S Curve) to see total manpower unit in the following check box below.

The following check box is used when you want to show manpower resource profile instead of man hour unit.

For example, total men per week would be 10 when total man hours for a week are 400 and 40 working hrs per week.

PPM possesses skills of project execution and control, employing a globally recognised project management practices and methodologies − including initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control and closure.

PPM utilises these skills in successfully delivering projects and assignments across VFS Global Group’s (hereinafter referred to as VFS Global) business landscape.

f) One of the reason for viewing resource histogram is to identify overallocated resources against the available resources.

To view any overallocated resources in your project, go to Data tag on "Resource Usage Profile Options" window, then select Show Limit and Show Overallocation.

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You can customize the appearance of bar chart by the Resource Usage Profile Options.

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