Schwarzenegger signs bill mandating restroom use

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The school board recently decided that "All religious faiths shall be allowed to provide books and literature, with the exception of works which defame other religious faiths or a person's race or ethnic origin," to be distributed to local students.

The wi-fi connection will be a benefit added to its virtual museum plan, which includes computer access inside the museum and a museum Web site Jeanne Mozier, who will manage the wi-fi setup, told the newspaper, "You can send email from George Washington's Bathtub, and surf the Web from the gazebo." (Read more) As states debate and pass laws on Bible-based instruction and the proper place for "intelligent design" in the classroom, a school board's action in Shallotte, N.

"Federal immigration agents say they arrest a document counterfeiter every few weeks in the Charlotte area. And pulled." (Read more) In part one, Liz Chandler and Danica Coto wrote about the tragic stories that exist in many communities populated with illegals: "Their rising numbers bring rising tension: An immigrant driving drunk kills a schoolteacher; Hispanic gangs clash in shootouts; and public schools and health departments struggle to accommodate the newest Carolinians." Coto spent part of her time in a van packed with illegal immigrants hoping to cross the border.

Assistant Secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement Julie Myers called the buying and selling of counterfeit documents 'an epidemic' that has turned into a multimillion-dollar criminal industry," writes Franco Ordonez. As she describes in part one, those attempts can sometimes be deadly: "Nearly 1,000 of them have died in the Arizona desert since 2000 from dehydration, injuries and illness and clashes with authorities, smugglers and thieves.

The board chairman so far has received letters from the local Unitarian Universalist church and a Buddhist who both want to distribute literature about their faiths.

The principal has been contacted by Jehovah's Witnesses concerning literature. David Stratton of Brunswick Islands Baptist Church opposed the measure.

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C., shows that opening doors to religion in our pluralistic society can let in visitors who may not have been expected.