Sears catalog dating

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Sears catalog dating

This is a question everyone must answer for themselves.

For me, USA-made typically means high quality tools, experienced engineering, and a history of excellence that instills a sense of trust and reliability.

Craftsman Professional tools offered fantastic bang for the buck, and it was often believed that many Craftsman pro tools were relabeled Armstrong tools.

There really aren’t any mid-level USA-manufacturing mechanics tool brands around to fill the holes left by the departed Craftsman Professional line, but there are some great reasonably-affordable professional and industrial brands to consider.

I like to think that, if there’s something you need, Proto makes it.

Not all of their tools are made in the USA, but most are.

It’s a simplification to describe these tools as being mechanics tools, but one that usually works.

And if there’s something that you need that they don’t offer, you could probably find it under one of their sister brands that are also under the Stanley Black & Decker umbrella.

Although not quite Proto, Facom – one of the brand’s sister companies – makes some really great angled socket wrenches that are compact yet highly versatile.

A contributor reviewed the Armstrong Maxx locking flex ratchet a while back, and really liked it.

Armstrong seems to be more aimed towards government, aerospace, and military users, but a lot of their tools are affordable and easy to find for mechanics and independent users. Proto has become one of my favorite industrial tool brands.

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Williams offers tools that are made in the USA, and ones that are made overseas, but it’s easy to differentiate the separate lines by looking through their catalog.

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