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Oxatomide, is a sedating H1-antihistamine, having mast-cell stabilising properties perhaps by a calcium-channel antagonist effect , without anticholinergic effect.

It is used in treatment of chronic urticaria, atopic dermatitis and dermographisms. Doxylamine is a sedating antihistamine also used as an hypnotic.

Antihistamines are inhibitors of histamine receptors. H1-antihistamines, inhibit competitively H1 receptors and the corresponding effects i. They do not inhibit antigen/antibodies reactions, nor histamine release, they inhibit H1 effects.

H1-antihistamines have been used for more than fifty years in treating various allergic manifestations. H1-antihistamines which penetrate into brain elicit, by inhibiting stimulant effect of histamine, drowsiness.

The two first H1-antihistamines without sedating effect to be marketed were terfenadine and astemizole.

All H1-antihistamines, including those which are intended for treatment of motion sickness, are disadvised during the first three months of pregnancy, more for reasons of principle than for observations of malformations.The drug to use in severe situations is adrenaline The early H1-antihistamines usually induce drowsiness and their prescription to patients with an activity requiring a normal vigilance, like control of a vehicle, is contra-indicated.By their alpha-adrenolytic effect especially when they are given by parenteral route, they could reduce the vasoconstrictive effect of adrenaline, administered for example in case of anaphylactic shock.Physicians and pharmacists are responsible for fully educating patients about the risks of sedating antihistamines from pharmacological points of view.If a sedating antihistamine must be prescribed, its sedative effects should be thoroughly considered before choosing the drug.

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Mequitazine has an antimuscarinic effect parallel to its H1-antihistamine activity, which can result for example in dryness of mouth or accommodation disturbances.

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