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Server side form validating numbers

For example, if a user neglects to enter a value in a required form field, you can instantly display an error message without requiring a roundtrip back to the server. It looks great and creates a better overall user experience.

Given these advantages, I’ll focus only on validation methods that display one error at a time.Forms validation on the client-side is essential — it saves time and bandwidth, and gives you more options to point out to the user where they’ve gone wrong in filling out the form.Having said that, I don’t mean that you don’t need server-side validation.What if we create a simple library of functions that can save lots of typing and download time for the page?Well, next we’ll do exactly this — and we’ll define our basic functions, to make the validation code even shorter.

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People who visit your site may use an old browser or have Java Script disabled, which will break client-only validation.