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Sesli cam sex chat

As expected, the pain and the troubles of Delhi had not got over yet.

With so many dynasties ruling India and making Delhi its capital, Delhi and other neighboring states had been too wounded to recover soon.

The British Rule had further aggravated this situation and taken advantage of this rift.

The Partition of India and Pakistan came in as a big blow to the people, who had not got enough time to rejoice the Independence.

It took lives, destroyed household, properties and left a wound which could not be healed.

As a result of this Partition over 12.5 million people were displaced.

People of both religions used to live with harmony in both these newly made countries.

But with the “divide and rule” policy adopted by the British rule, this brotherhood among the religious communities turned into a sour game.

15th August 1947, did see the National Flag flying proudly on Indian Soil, but with Independence followed the unfortunate Partition.

The rift between the two most important religious clans of India, Hindus and Muslims had much before the Independence.

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Delhi after Independence finally heaved a sigh of relief from the constant change of rules.

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