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Even if only your face and shoulders are in the frame, you never know if you’ll need to stand up for some reason. Put some flattering, solid colors near your face, just like television news anchors do. Make sure the temperature is such that you won’t be sweating, and won’t need to start taking off layers, which is disconcerting for all watching. “Make sure you’ve got the right chair,” Bailo says.Fidgeting is fine on audio but deadly when you can see someone moving like a hyperactive school boy in the corner of your screen.Though most of us are now equipped to make the switch from a text chat to a videoconference—it takes just a mouseclick—we seldom do so.Connecting without video offers the same advantage that the old joke ascribes to masturbation: You don't have to look your best.This is much like holding a piece of paper in front of your face in a live meeting. Know your main points and look up, so you can interact normally and score the benefits of seeing people and being seen.

But for high-stakes situations (like job interviews) when you need to look your best, Bailo recommends using three natural, soft light sources: two behind your web cam (one on the left, one on the right) and one right behind you.Though packaged as a symbol of the Jetson-esque future, it was an old idea even then.Popular science publications in the 1870s imagined a visual device called a telephonoscope.While it’s not ideal, you can put hardcover books under your laptop until the angle’s right.You want the camera to capture the triangle of your forehead to your left shoulder and right shoulder in the frame.

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The people you’re interacting with will be treated to the view of whatever is behind you through the whole meeting. Your bed with dirty laundry on it is unprofessional.