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I would probably be more capable of doing it these days, but I think having ITNG and screaming toddlers in the background might put off the pervs!(sorry, valued, paying customer) I don't think its degrading at all.I do think that the blokes who use them are mugs, but each to their own!You could always advertise yourself as a 'Virtual girlfriend', there used to be loads of these on ebay.Applying is super easy and our friendly office staff will answer any questions that you may have.Excel Telemedia is a leading chat line service provider offering quality chat and entertainment services.

I could manage that, but it would be a fairly old pic, lol. x One of my friends used to do it, the money was good, the work was easy and just pretence and keeping people company over the phone.

Working as a phone sex operator, or phone actress can be the ideal profession for those who enjoy making their own hours, working from home, and working creatively in the field of erotica.

To become a phone sex operator, you must learn about the many different sexual interests, or fetishes you may be required to talk about with clients over the phone, then apply or audition for the phone sex company you want to work for.

Hopefully you will enjoy it, and it won't be too much for you (I am quite sheltered IYKWIM!!!

) and can imagine I would laugh at someones suggestions if it wasn't straight from Jilly Cooper LOL I was supposed to have an interview to do this when I was at Uni, but I chickened out.

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However, as always there are conditions to everything and this is no exception.