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Not all courses are offered in all modalities or with the same frequency.Please reference the academic programs sections of this Catalog to find a list of courses offered and/or required in each degree program.Accounting for funds including general funds, special revenue funds, capital projects funds, debts service funds, special assessment funds, internal service funds, enterprise funds, fiduciary funds, the general fixed asset group of accounts, and the general long-term debt group of accounts. Primarily a course dealing with combined business entities.Topics include mergers, acquisitions and combinations, consolidated financial statements, intercompany profit, changes in equity, international operations, and partnerships. Principles, procedures, and standards of public accounting. This course is an introduction to federal taxation for entities other than individuals.Major concepts include job order costing, process costing, budgets and standards, and statement analysis. Students who successfully complete ACC 206 may waive ACC 202, in approved circumstances.

There will be an emphasis on investigating documentary evidence, interviewing witnesses and potential suspects, writing investigative reports and testifying to findings.Prerequisites: Successful completion of Quantitative Reasoning core competency and Digital Literacy competency.Covers the corporate balance sheet and its related problems. Covers the rest of the balance sheet: current liabilities, long-term liabilities, leases, pensions, and contributed capital retained earnings.Basic terms and definitions are reviewed, and students are introduced to the varied components of applied behavioral science.Topics covered include definition of the field, sub-specialties, and real world applications, and aspects of the field.

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Emphasis on auditor’s working papers and submission of audit statements. Topics include structure, regulations, administration and compliance of federal taxation in the US from the perspective of corporations, partnerships, S corporations, trusts and estates.

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