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In order to be eligible for a Partner Visa, on the basis of your marriage, you have to: If you got that far reading, it surely means you appreciate what’s here.Please consider following us on a facebook as we post Australian Visa News on a regular basis there.

You will also be able to finally work and study in Australia.This usually takes two years, but it has been known to take longer. So if you continue to meet all the legal requirements, and have provided all the additional information required, then the day will finally come when you are granted that ever elusive permanent Partner Visa.Now let’s take a look at the eligibility requirements for that Partner Visa! so if you prefer for let a professional do the hard job – let us know and we’ll take care of your visa process, otherwise – get ready for all the fun and continue reading.Getting your own Australian Partner Visa sorted is no easy task.It is a confusing and tumultuous process, so stressing about your Partner Visa is understandable. Today I will be shedding some light on this difficult process. In order to be ELIGIBLE to apply for a Partner Visa Australia, you have to be either;with Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent resident or Eligible New Zealand Citizen at the time of applying.

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