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Sex date hrvatska

Divine and natural law and sheer common sense prevailed! Croatia, which became the 28th member of the European Union (EU) on July 1, 2013, has dealt a severe blow to the EU-promoted Cultural Revolution pressing nations to legalize same-sex “marriage” and adoption of children by same-sex couples.

Both the EU and the liberal media, which campaigned intensely against the referendum, have still not “swallowed” this family-friendly outcome.

Međimurska srcolovka Ines Sever i ove godine pripremila je akciju druženja, smijeha, zabave i upoznavanja u sklopu udruge Amor čija je predsjednica.

Udruga uspješno djeluje ne samo na prostoru Međimurja, već Varaždina i Zagreba.

-Prošlogodišnji ‘Speed dating’ u kojem je sudjelovalo 97 ljudi, prošao je više nego uspješno, te je to bilo jedno pozitivno iskustvo koje nas je sve dodatno zbližilo.

Pozivamo sve slobodnjake da dođu bez obaveze i upoznaju nove ljude iz cijele Hrvatske, poručuje Ines.‘Speed dating’ se organizira u tri dobne skupine, od 25 do 39 godina, 35 do 49, te od 45 na dalje.

We can look to Catholic Croatia as an example for the West!

This small Balkan country has registered a resounding NO to same-sex “marriage.” Its cry on behalf of natural and traditional family – father, mother and children – has echoed throughout the world.

On the opposite side, Catholic supporters of family values, in an unprecedented mobilization, gathered nearly six thousand volunteers in a coalition called ” (In the Name of the Family) in order to collect signatures to force the government to hold a referendum consulting the Croatian people: “Do you favor the introduction into the Constitution of a clause defining marriage as the union between one man and one woman?

It can well be imagined what would have happened had the partisans of same-sex “marriage” won the day.

The same media that uphold a bizarre concept of democracy would be publishing headlines such as “Victory for democracy in Croatia!

Simboličan upad od 30 kuna moguć je samo uz rezervaciju na 0953720599 jer je broj mjesta ograničen.

U organizaciji uz Ines Sever je i poznati srcolovac Nedeljko Babić ispred udruge Dalmatinski samci koja djeluje već dugi niz godina.

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Same-sex “marriage” or “civil unions” have now been approved by court rulings in many nations.

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