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Further work is also needed on the explanatory text in this specification and on the FOAF website; progress towards this will be measured in the version number of future revisions to the FOAF specification.This revision stablises weblog, page, Document and Image and adds three owl:equivalent classes to - Person (Person), Image (Image Object), Document (Creative Work).FOAF does not compete with socially-oriented Web sites; rather it provides an approach in which different sites can tell different parts of the larger story, and by which users can retain some control over their information in a non-proprietary format.FOAF has been evolving gradually since its creation in mid-2000.Why do you need proof that cheating is occurring to acknowledge that you don’t feel safe in the relationship?

Different kinds of application can use or ignore different parts of FOAF.Each FOAF document is itself an encoding of a descriptive network structure.Although these documents do not always agree or tell the truth, they have the useful characteristic that they can be easily merged, allowing partial and decentralised descriptions to be combined in interesting ways.The FOAF specification is produced as part of the FOAF project, to provide authoritative documentation of the contents, status and purpose of the RDF/XML vocabulary and document formats known informally as 'FOAF'.This document is created by combining the RDFS/OWL machine-readable FOAF ontology with a set of per-term documents.

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