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He's sober now, and he's grateful to one of his more recent co-stars for helping get him there.Starting there, here are # juicy gems from La Beouf's first magazine cover story in a very long time. It’s an elitist sport." "When I got to rehab last year, they said I had PTSD," La Beouf said, explaining it stems from a childhood moment when he witnessed his mother being raped by a man the authorities were never able to bring to justice. Me and him haven’t really been in contact since he blew up onstage and, you know, shit on me." The dumping he's referencing occurred in November in 2016 when Kanye was having an on-stage meltdown, and said, "Shia La Beouf: Kid Cudi feels a way. And I don’t know where he’s at or what he’s doing," he said.He also served three tours in Vietnam and, once home, struggled for years with heroin addiction.Shayna, whom La Beouf calls “my everything,” was raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and ran a head shop in the East Village before moving to California.Tom Hardy, who worked with La Beouf on 2012’s points to the paradox central to their work.

"Zack said, ‘Even if He’s not real, what does it hurt? La Beouf plays the athlete in April 13 release "Borg vs. To make money, she began selling barrettes, purses, and pins at a trade fair that moved up and down the coast.It was while she was in Los Angeles, peddling her wares at Echo Park, that she met Jeffrey, who was a born-again Christian teaching karate classes.He usually comes here with his wife, the actress and model Mia Goth, or his mother, Shayna, with whom he speaks daily. He is alone at a four-top, his eyes trained forward, unmoving. His outfit is Valley Dad: well-fitted if unassuming khakis and a sweatshirt. It’s an elitist sport.” As his voice tap-dances up and down the lower register, he speaks honestly and without hesitation. “I’ve got to look at my failures in the face for a while,” he says. The truth is, in my desperation, I lost the plot.” He pauses, then, as if to head off any potential awkwardness, says, “I know this is uncomfortable for you to bring up, bro. Just get to it.” With La Beouf, thirty-one, there’s not just one “it”; there is a truckload that has turned him into a walking meme.La Beouf is here to discuss his new movie, (April 13), though, as he says, “I’m a terrible used-car salesman.” To wit: “I have no interest in tennis. He plays John Mc Enroe, the tennis savant whose reputation as a powder keg often overshadowed his prodigious talent, with entropic physicality—fiery eyes, a fast smile, loose limbs ball-socketed to his trunk—but also with restraint: a born fighter who’s striving for self-control. “I need to take ownership of my shit and clean up my side of the street a bit before I can go out there and work again, so I’m trying to stay creative and learn from my mistakes. In the last year alone, he was stalked by Internet trolls; sued for million by an L. bartender for a shouting match in a bowling alley; and arrested in Savannah for public intoxication.

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La Beouf credits "The Peanut Butter Falcon" lead actor Zack Gottsagen for inspiring him "to be open to help when it came." He was in Georgia shooting the buddy adventure film -- about a young man with Down Syndrome who escapes his nursing home to pursue his wrestling dreams -- when he was arrested. And you’re ruining it," the unknown actor told La Beouf, who said the comment "changed the course of my life." "'Cause I was still fighting. He met me with love, and at the time, love was truth, and he didn’t pull punches. They’re a struggling motherfucker showing his ass in front of the world." "I’ve got to look at my failures in the face for a while," he added. The truth is, in my desperation, I lost the plot." Speaking of tennis, La Beouf hates it. The author of the profile sums up the traumatic moment as a trigger for violence, which La Beouf supported with this story: "The first time I got arrested with a real charge, it stemmed from the same shit. Call him." La Beouf said he tried to reach out to Kanye for clarification on what he meant when referencing Cudi, who La Beouf directed in a music video and short film. La Beouf finished writing a coming-of-age drama "Honey Boy" while in rehab.

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