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The Shinkage-ryu group was probably that of Kato S., of the Shumpukan. One guy had his shinai knocked out of his hands; his opponent came in with a *really* big menuchi. The disarmed guy threw his aite with one of the best osotogari I've seen in a long time and then scored with men dori.

They've also demonstrated Owari Kan-ryu a couple of times at the Butokuden. Very classic stuff -- it makes me wet just thinking about it.

Thanks Kim Taylor [email protected] posted by Daniel Lee Kim and All, I tried to email the images, but my server won't allow big attachments with e-mail.

Here's the addie: Thanks again, --------------------- Daniel Lee OK I managed to snag all but one of them I think before the Yahoo file transfer limit hit. Take a look Daniel and if you'd like to add some text describing the event that would be great.

Thanks in advance, -Charles Lockhart The hombu dojo of Mochizuki Sensei's Yoseikan Budo is in Shizuoka.

For everyone else, please surf on over and check the site out if you haven't done so yet, we're approaching 100mb of articles concerning all aspects of the martial arts.

Here's the addie: Thanks again, --------------------- Daniel Lee Hi everyone, Thanks for all your kindness!

So, I've moved the images to a new site, so drop by (feel free to download any images - just so long as folks don't have to pay to see 'em! Kim, It'd be great if you could fit them into your journal, especially.

My apologoes for any mistakes and the lack of detail. There was also some Shinkage Ryu stuff, although I don't know which line (they wore bright red kote, laquered like the fukuro shinai). The kusarigama guy had the kendo guy completely flummoxed and whacked him cleanly in the doh a number of times with the fundo (that's what you call the weight at the end of the chain, right?

Nihon Kobudo Shinkokai 14 July Shinkage Ryu Hyoho 15 July Niten Ichi Ryu ---iai ? I'm sure there was a lot of other stuff, but it's been so long I can't remember. ); the judges (kendo guys, o'course) were really confused and had no idea how to call it. No, the yabusame embu is at Kamigamo Jinja, on the north side of the city.

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