Shure microphone serial number dating

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Shure microphone serial number dating

Later it became a family operation called Shure Brothers.

As we related in previous articles in this series...

A built-in cable connector and stand mounting were part of the unit.

With the Unidyne Shure was able to crack open the broadcast market against the dominant players RCA and Western Electric.

The Shure Unidyne line of mikes included mikes with more modern cylindrical case design units that came into the catalog in the 1960s.

Failure to timely and properly submit all required information, documentation, equipment, and other materials may render the rebate claim ineligible for rebate.

There are a few microphone shapes, designs, images that could be called icons..symbolize what many think of when someone says the word microphone. Shure originally made relatively low cost carbon and crystal mikes for use in PA systems and in the communications field as well as phonograph pickup cartridges.

This being the Modesto Radio Museum site we want to mention that KTRB, Modesto's first commercial radio station, used the Shure broadcast version Unidyne for many years from the time the station moved to the Norwegian Avenue studio site around 1942 In 1952 Shure came out with an updated version of the Unidyne that was quite a bit smaller with a more squarish shape compared to the rounded fat boy.

This new model was the model 55S..S for small Unidyne.

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One of those that has become an icon is the Shure model 55 series of mikes. The year 1937 was a turning point when a young engineer named Benjamin Baumzweiger (who later changed his name to Bauer) began developing his idea for a unidirectional microphone using a single dynamic element.

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