Single parent dating clark fork idaho

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Single parent dating clark fork idaho

When Sarah Johnson first talked to the police, she said that she woke up around a.m. She continued to lie in bed, but then heard two gunshots.She ran to her parent’s bedroom and found that their door was closed.Sarah and her parents argued, and Sarah told them about her engagement.Diane was very upset and said that she was going to go to the authorities and report Dominguez for statutory rape. They also grounded Sarah for the rest of the Labor Day weekend and took her car keys.

The owner of the rifle used to kill the Johnsons belonged to Mel Speegle, who was renting a garage apartment in a guesthouse located on the Johnson’s property.One that seemed infatuated and obsessed with her 19-year-old boyfriend Bruno Santos Dominguez.Sarah and Dominguez had been dating for three months before the murder of her parents.Her story of what happened would change several times throughout the investigation.Sometimes she said her parent’s door was slightly opened and other times she said her door was closed, but not her parent’s door.

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The police immediately secured the crime scene including sectioning off an entire block around the house.