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Siwon dating tiffany

(Korean: 아름다운 구속; Starring: Seo Taehun, Kim Daeseong, Kim Hoekyeong, Ryu Geunji, Song Jungeun) About a detective who've trying to capture a criminal since a long time but they give off a romantic vibe as if it's a love story included "love triangle". July.2015, Song Jungeun joined the skit as the Chief and has been acting like "in-laws".

(Korean: 배꼽도둑; Starring: Kim Kiri, Lee Munjae, Lee Chan, Kwak Beom, Yun Hanmin, Park Yeongjin) About a comedian who doesn't want to come back on "Gag Concert" being persuaded by his former colleagues, and even though he claims he has forgotten how to do comedy, he still has the comedic touch.

(Korean: 씁쓸한 인생; Starring: Kim Junho → Kim Daehui, Yu Sangmoo → Kim Junhyeon, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Lee Seungyun) The title is based off the Korean film A Bittersweet Life; the skit is about a boss who suffers from his subordinates.

This skit tied in with Kim Junho's 2009 gambling scandal, which cost him his television appearances and he had to lie low for a year.

The skit's title is transliterated as "Yellow Songwriters of Shinsa-dong" which is a parody of producer and songwriter Lee Hoyang (Shinsadong Tiger 신사동호랭이).

(Korean: 후궁뎐 ; 꽃들의 전쟁; Starring: Lee Sanghun, Jang Hyoin, Kim Gyeonga, Kim Nahee, Oh Nami, Jeong Jimin, Lee Yerim, Jo Seunghui) Stories of concubines and their way of getting the king's attention.

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(Korean: 볼빨간 회춘기, Starring: Yu Minsang, Song Yeonggil, Yang Seonil, Kim Hoekyeong, Shim Mungyu, Hong Seonghyeon) Yang Seonil visits the new senior citizen center where he gets an induction by the older senior citizens around.On 26 July 2015, the actress Ye Ji-won appeared to promote her play (Korean: 두근두근; Starring: Lee Munjae, Jang Hyoin, Park Soyeong) Romantic corner about friends who are secretly in love, with the signature song The Cranberries's Ode to My Family whenever either one of them slips up regarding his/her feelings toward the other, before playing/shrugging it off in an attempt to appear nonchalant. (Korean: 뿜 엔터테인먼트; Starring: Kim Wonhyo, Kim Jimin, Kim Minkyeong, Shin Bora, Yu Inseok → Jang Yunseok, Park Eunyeong, Kim Hyeseon, Kim Junho) Portraying in a sarcastic manner, the daily life of an entertainment company, its stressed and annoyed CEO, and their troublesome talents afflicted by the so-called "celebrity disease".(Korean: 내꺼하자, Starring: Kim Kiyeol, Park Sora, Yang Seonil, Kwak Beom) An investigation officer couple arrives at the victim's home to inspect for clues, but in reality they were checking out the house when they heard it's for sale.(Korean: 1대1; Starring: Yu Minsang, Jeong Yunho, Jeong Haecheol, Lee Sejin, Kim Taewon, Seo Taehun → Lee Changho | Previous Appearances: Kim Seongwon, Kim Wonhun, Lee Sanghun) Parody of KBS quiz show 1 vs 100.The unique contestants frustrate the show host Yu Minsang.

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(Korean: 10년 후; Starring: Heo Anna, Jeong Yunho, Oh Gihwan, Kim Hyeongi, Kwon Jaekwan | Semi-fixed cast: Jo Seunghui, Kim Jiho | Previous Appearances: Im Uil) A loan shark tries to bully the proprietress of a small business into paying back a loan, after turning up at her store every day for ten years, he becomes part of her and her son's lives.

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