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His underground buildings (resembling Egyptian tombs) had elaborate arrangements for his afterlife, including horses and a bathroom.The rows of warriors are separated by long and wide walls, which look to me like roof supports for bamboo and matting.Their handbook (my word; its title is simply China's First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors, with two principal authors) describes ancient China and the warring states, and the Qin region; then the first Emperor of China, Yin Zheng; and the archaeological remains, including many other sites—mainly Han dynasty tombs.Most of these sites are still unexcavated, in my view probably a good thing, since better techniques may arrive.Trump | US 'Education' | Race Wars | & Battles | David Irving | Thugs | Experts | M Hoffman | Movies | Lessons | K Mac Donald | Man-Made Races | Miles Mathis | Was A Hitler a Jewish Agent?

I was interested to see that horse harnesses tended to choke horses; they were high up, just as historical literature on horses says—perhaps because they did not use horses to plough.

Communist Party dogma probably insists that the past was horrific; in this case they may have had a motive for promoting a short-lived so-called unification.

Incidentally, much of the source material is in the work of Sima Qian Shiji, Records of the Grand Historian.

| Luke O'Farrell - One Man's Journey to 'Anti-Semitism' | Holohoax - Evil of Lying | Napoleon and the 19th Century | Eugenics | Campaign Against Arms Trade | Some Notes on Population | Jewish Plans for White Genocide | Taboos about Jews | 'Facism', 'Rascism', the 'Borjois', and the Need to Understand the Jewish 'Single Standard' | Ram ZPaul on 'White Privilege' | Irving on Himmler | NEW WHITE REFORMATION & Modern Techniques of Image Fakery, Event Fakery, Crisis Actors | Jewish Control of Money. | Reparations to Whites | Jews 1: Jewish Liars, Trolls, Nudgers, Reputation Managers | Jews 2: Jews and Unions | Jews 3: Jews and Fake Information | Jews 4: Jews and Wars Considered as Jewish-Run Cock Fights | Jews 5: Jewish Hate for Whites - Examples Liverpool, England has an exhibition of the terracotta warriors, until 28 October 2018, 'organised by National Museums Liverpool, UK and the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau and Shaanxi History Museum ... Liverpool has a Chinese area, with road signs partly in Chinese.

I don't know how exclusive that area of Liverpool is.

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