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Beyond social and entertainment, Bigscreen also seems perfectly suited to the next phase of telecommuting and virtual presence meetings currently facilitated by tools like Skype.

We were all newbies trying to figure out how to use the app so I kicked things off and opened a trailer for us to watch — you guessed it, Nevertheless, it's scary meeting someone in VR for the first time. And even though your avatar isn't really your own body, there's a distinct sense that you're exposed to others and must put your best virtual foot forward (much like real life).You can see a screencap of that meetup below, but the static, 2D picture doesn't do justice to the experience — it really felt as though Earth's massive form was moving below us.Everyone, even the one veteran user (six months deep) among us, seemed a bit giddy sitting atop the world like gods as space detritus floated by, only momentarily interrupting our discussion about the implications of this new, virtual universe.After a couple of performers, one guy got on stage and tried out a couple of racist jokes, after which he was promptly booed off stage and the show went on without a hitch.Like the offline world, Altspace VR has its bad actors, but that authenticity reinforces the feeling of immersion. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Rec Room, a social VR space centered around bringing people together to play games that require physical interactions instead of mere joystick skills.

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Gone are the joysticks and keyboard commands; your face and hands your interface in VR, and even something as simple as looking over your own virtual shoulder (yes, that's possible) pulls you deeper into the immersive experience.

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