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For example, Venus, the planet that appears the brightest, was named after the Roman goddess of beauty, while the reddish Mars was named after the god of war.These Roman names were adopted by European languages and culture and became standard in science.Pluto's moon was named by its discoverer, James Christy, who found the moon in 1978 when studying photographic plates of Pluto.Apparently he wanted to name it after his wife, Charlene, but the nomenclature rules in astronomy wouldn't allow this.When an astronomer discovers an object, or wants to name a surface feature, they can submit a suggestion to the IAU, and the IAU either approves it or suggests a different name.Since we don't think there are any undiscovered planets, the IAU focuses on the naming of moons, surface features, asteroids, and comets and has websites about naming conventions for each.So who's in charge of naming solar system objects that are discovered now?

The Romans named these planets according to their movements and appearence.

Leverrier actually wanted to name it after himself.

However, the name Neptune was proposed and became the standard used by scientists.

When Uranus and Neptune were discovered, there was not an established tradition in place so a few names were considered and used for each planet, until one name became standard.

William Herschel, who discovered Uranus, wanted to name it "Georgium Sidus" after King George III.

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