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Speed dating victoria library

After they've “checked out” all the books, they then decide whether to actually check them out from the library.

“I'm not a big reader, but I thought (the lesson) was fun,” said Garcia. Panagopoulos had participated in book speed dating before and said the book trailers were her favorite part.

Nick Garcia and Delilah Panagopoulos, both 13, are on a date — but not with each other.

They're speed dating books in the Stinson Middle School library.

The Book of Nouns This tiny book bears more cultural, historical and intellectual weight than you might expect from its compact appearance.

Ross, Librarian-Manager for the Local and Family History department, introduced the The Book of Nouns and has this to say: It measures only 6cm by 4.5cm and is about 1cm thick.

You may recall that, during our 2016 Library Fest programme, we trialled a new event: Speed-date our Library Treasures.

For the activity, Fosmire sets up eight tables, each with four books and two i Pod Touch devices.Broadsides were a form of street literature, printed on one side only, and produced in large numbers on the early printing presses, and sold for as little as one old penny.They contained accounts of events, news, proclamations and songs or rhymes, and were sold in the streets and at fairs and other gatherings.So, for those of you who were unable to make it, here is a brief run-through of the items we had out on show during the two sessions: Oliver Twiss Rhian, our Collections Manager, spoke about this fascinating 1830s edition of Dickens’ , an edition with, as it were, “a twist”: this copy is, in fact, a pirated, plagiarised and parodic version of that well-known text, adapted by one Thomas Peckett Prest for a working-class audience hungry for cultural forms suited to their tastes. The Political Sway Pole This political cartoon from the 1880 Parliamentary Election was introduced by Antony from our Local and Family History department.Depicting the five candidates for the Leeds seat, the cartoon forms part of a wider collection of over 200-similar images.

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