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Stanley bench plane dating page

Some plane parts were frequently replaced by their owners, or are easily separated from the plane, such as irons, cap irons, knobs and totes, and lever caps.These features are avoided where possible, along with features that appear in only some planes of a given type (i.e. Where possible, the flowchart uses parts that were probably replaced less often, such as frogs, depth adjustment screws and lateral adjustment levers.This revised plan also adjusted the previously proposed four-conference system to a four-division/two-conference system, with the Eastern Conference consisting of two eight-team divisions, and the Western Conference consisting of two seven-team divisions.A new playoff format was also introduced to accommodate the new proposal, with the top three teams in each division making the playoffs, along with two wild-cards in each conference (for a total of 16 playoff teams).The following tables provide a summary breakdown of identifying characteristics and markings of the Bodies, Frogs and Receivers, Lateral Adjustment Levers, and Lever Caps on Stanley’s Bailey line of bench planes.Features are broken down by type.[1] These tables provide a helpful quick reference guide for identifying type.Hopefully by answering a few questions about your plane you can determine which type it is.

Unfortunately, many plane types share the same bed markings, so other features are also used in dating.The league then announced the names of the divisions on July 19: the two eight-team divisions in the Eastern Conference would be the Atlantic Division and the Metropolitan Division, and the two seven-team divisions in the Western Conference would be the Central Division and the Pacific Division.At the same time, the league had reportedly aimed for its next round of Canadian television contracts to have a value of at least .2 billion in total.CBC would be allotted time during the broadcasts to promote its other programming.French language broadcasts were moved to TVA Sports under a sub-licensing deal with Rogers.

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However, CBC Sports' staff, including executive director Jeffrey Orridge, continued to insist that it have exclusivity for every Saturday night game involving Canadian teams.

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