Symantec endpoint protection 12 clients not updating funniest dating disasters

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So, the only solution was to reinstall version 10, which is once again working perfectly.We may try again when our server is upgraded in a few months ...Leaving an unsupported version of Symantec Endpoint Protection in place when you upgrade the operating system can have unexpected results.The upgrade to 12.1.6 MP8 or later from a version earlier than 12.1.5 may take much longer than you expect. The Live Update function appears to work and the home page of the Endpoint Protection Manager shows that the info is up to date.If I look at the "Show Live Update Downloads" screen, it is empty and says "No Live Update Content has been downloaded".Typically, there will be 3 numbered folders present. Please note that the definition set installed may have been published the previous day and a set for the current day may not yet be available. Looking inside the folder that matches the set downloaded and installed, There should be a folder named "Full" and a zip file named "". Looking inside the "Full" folder, there should be the files typically associated with a virus definition set.

After you reinstalled the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager software did you rebuild the client install package?

If you run on the server does it download anything?

I have run a number of tests that I found in one of the Symantec documents, to test the client - server communication and all appears to be OK.

They call all ping the SEPM server but for some reason, some workstations are not getting the latest virus def. On the smc-server-0.log, I noticed a bunch of errors: SEVERE: Error while extracting full content under c:\program files\symantec\symantec endpoint protection manager\tomcat\..\inetpub\content\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\xxxxxxxx\Full What else can I check to see what's causing the communication problems?

The following resources will help to plan and perform an optimal upgrade from previous versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) to the current version, while following the recommended best practices and being aware of any potential issues and risks.

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The folder "\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Live Update\Downloads" has lots of folders, but "\Program Files\Symantec\Endpoint Protection Manager\Inetpub\content" is empty except for an empty "Content Info.txt" file.