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Why, oh why do so many of us subscribe to this volatile day? The thing is, we don’t need to be in a relationship with someone else to experience that unconditional love. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t just want to give and receive love and experience all those warm, fuzzy feelings that go with being in a happy-ever-after relationship.You still get benefits from doing the practise without the egg, but the benefits grow substantially when you start using the egg, because the egg creates resistance in the vagina.They leave the class feeling like something inside of them has awoken and they want to develop that inner connection to themselves.The woman teaching me took a very masculine approach and was all about lifting weights with your vagina.

While the Jade Egg practice has been underground for much of this time, it's gradually being recognised as a valuable tool in women's sexual health, while also helping women truly step into their pleasure.There are hundreds of different poses but the common theme in most of them, is that they use the pubococcocygeus muscle (the PC muscle) which is the muscle you use to stop yourself urinating.That is a very basic contraction a beginner would start out with (while doing a specific pose with the rest of their body), and once they get more advanced, they start learning how to divide their vagina into 12 different quadrants so they can contract and release them independent of each other, giving them a very dexterous vagina.Tamra Mercieca is a Relationship and Self-Love Therapist, Author and founder of the school Getting Naked Pty Ltd where she teaches people how to strip off the layers of mental and emotional conditioning so they can enjoy more love, more happiness and more pleasure in their life.It was after overcoming severe clinical depression and a number of life-threatening health ailments that Tamra was invited to become an advocate for Lifeline, with the organisation endorsing her first book ‘The Upside of Down: A personal journey and toolkit for overcoming depression’.

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We all know about the positive benefits of yoga on our body and mind, but relationship expert and founder of Getting Naked, Tamra Merceica, has taken things a step further. It’s essentially a series of very specific Yoga-style moves and poses that a woman does with a Jade Egg inside her vagina.